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Pakistanic is emerging online web magazine on all thing related to pakistan. from Politics to Food and lifestyle to sport, Pakistanic is aiming to share everything online with pakistani People and the world.

Pakistanic is Open project where user can share there stories too and discuss the issues. Politics is one of the favorite topic of Pakistani people but Pakistanic is open for every type of topics.

If you want to share something about Pakistan Politics, Pakistani Music or Pakistani Culture, Pakistanic is here to welcome you, just request an account and within 12 hours you will get an account on Pakistanic. Lets start sharing with the world.

Pakistanic: Online web magazine

Editor: Aslam Bhai
Media and Site Manager: Yaseen Ch
E-mail: editor@pakistanic.com

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If you want to get in the Pakistan Politics, and want to read about latest pakistani politics, or you want to make your opinion on pakistani politics, i have searched some blogs for you where you can register and post as a guest blogger.

JOin any or all of these blogs and start making opinions on Pakistan Politics

AMLA Spain, who operate the Property MLS to English speaking Agents and buyers of Spanish Property for the Costa’s of Spain and Islands is set to launch an all Spanish version of its MLS to the Spanish Domestic market under the domain AMLAcasas.com .

The AMLA MLS set up only a year ago is already beginning to dominate the search results for Costa Blanca Property & Costa del sol Property and property in the Costa Calida, Costa Brava, Costa de La Luz and Costa Tropical aren’t far behind. The area where it was launched, the Costa Blanca now has results for nearly all the major resort keywords such as Alicante Property, Javea Property, Calpe Property, Benidorm Property, Moraira and Denia to name a few. The Balearic Islands of Mallorca and Menorca also have good exposure.

With the launch of its new look website at the beginning of October, the MLS site has achieved Page 1 status for more major keyword search terms than any other in the market and at half of the cost of its nearest rival advertising site, is beginning to attract members at an ever-increasing rate, especially at a time when markets are slow due to the Global worries over mortgage and credit issues.
The Association has a Code of Practice and says that it is trying to ‘raise the bar’ on perceived standards in the unregulated industry of Properties for sale in Spain. The owners of the MLS come from a US Real Estate background where exams are needed to hold a licence to sell Real Estate and conflict of interest is much reduced in the industry by the MLS

The amlacasas site will expand this growth across Spain taking on the major advertising sites such as Idealista before looking towards the UK market and the rest of Europe.

So if its Spanish Property you are looking for, you need look no further than AMLASpain.

A shiney, brand new website has been released for the hot Greenville real estate market. The new site is available at ourgreenville.com and really seems to be a complete resource. Traditionally, the city of Greenville has attracted companies like BMW North America and Michelin North America among many other companies.

I think that people who are moving to the Greenville area will most likely be looking for Greenville neighborhoods as a way they can find their future home in the area. The neighborhood guide lays out new and existing neighborhoods and has turned out to be wildly popular. You will see, It is most definitely worth a look to those thinking of buying real estate in Greenville SC.

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If you browse the web, you’ll come across many websites that has one or more video clips embedded in it. News websites such as BBC and CNN fall in this category. But, what about a website that has only video clips and nothing else? This is exactly what the Youtube Phenomenon is all about. To those who have not heard about Youtube, it is a video sharing website where one could upload, share, and watch video clips – Youtube videos – for free. It is owned by Google.

Here is a bit history of what all went behind in the making of Youtube.com. Little had the three former PayPal employees – Chad Hurley, Jawed Karim, and Steve Chen – anticipated about the growth and fame Youtube would achieve in less than one year since its inception, when they first planned such a video sharing website. An out-of-the box idea, Youtube.com was launched as an unknown new website on February 15, 2005 with virtually no promotion. The website with its full features become operational few month later; the first preview of the website was offered in May 2005 and its official debut in November the same year. As it had been with many great path breaking projects in the past, the incubation days of Youtube took place in a modest garage in California, much like its present owner’s – Google – beginnings, who started their journey from a leased space in a Menlo Park garage in 1998. Continue Reading »